Getting ready for a trip to Greenville – CS2 setup.

IMG_2835 IMG_2839 IMG_2829 20150420_160221  20150420_155955  IMG_2831 IMG_283320150420_160148Today we were taking apart the Crop Stop 2 structure, the existing structure built a few weeks ago with collaboration of the solar decathlon team. In order to transport this kitchen to its actual site in Greenville, we had to carefully dissemble the parts. Before taking it down, we discussed the best way to take down each piece. We also talked about the parts that could stay assembled and transported directly to the site. First, the roof joists came down. The pieces had to be taken off individually with force applied to the bottom of each, in order for them to be pushed up and then moved to the side. This process was repeated for each roof member. Taking the walls down was surprisingly easy. With a group of people lined up in front of the wall, each person slowly pulled down and the wall was slowly lowered. The joints attaching the wall to the floor, worked correctly as the joint hook came off with applied pull. The wall was than lowered and moved off the floor. We repeated the same steps for the other wall. It was great seeing how quickly the wall came down and how the studs stayed connected even when pulling the structure down. To secure the parts and ensure that they would stay together, we put zipties around the parts that needed more protection in transport. At the end of the day, we started loading the parts but we still have more to go! It will be exciting to be able to go on site to Greenville this weekend and set the foundation for yet another Crop Stop which will greatly impact the local farmers there!

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