A different look at the sim[ply] method

The deconstruction of Cropstop 2 gives a different look at how the sim[ply] method works. When assembling it all we were worried about is trying to get it to fit, but now as we take it apart three months later we are analyzing pieces so that corrections can be made, while understanding why pieces are shaped the way they are or how they tie into the structure as a whole. You have to take something apart to know how it truly works together. We are also beginning to organize the pieces so that when we put them back together it goes even quicker than the first time.

Looking back on the last three months I have realized there are steps that could have been taken to make even the deconstruction of the structure even more simple. Such as covering the the corners with tarps to protect the joints from the weather and prevent swelling of the wood. Ending the day on Monday we started to take sections of the floor joist apart we have a couple of different ways of transporting the floor that we are thinking about. One is two separate it in to sections or take it completely apart and wrap the joist and then the beams. IMG_4402  IMG_4403IMG_4401IMG_4407

One wall down…


Two walls down..



No more walls!

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