Packed and Ready to go!

After the past few months of working on Crop Stop 2, mocking up, drawing construction documents, and designing the exterior, we are finally ready to pack up and move up to Greenville for the actual build. This is a big step for the studio; because we wont be able to get to the actual build due to the semester ending, this is the last goal for the studio semester. Today we finished the deconstruction process, made some cuts to necessary pieces, and loaded up the trailer. The plan for the weekend is to travel up to Greenville Friday and unload the pieces, then head to Clemson and deconstruct the built structure there in preparation for Saturday. We will then work to get the foundation laid out in relation to the already built structure and then head back to Clemson for the Solar D gala. This is going to be a big weekend and a great way to end a great semester for studio v.

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