Summer job!

As the semester is coming to an end and we all head back home for the summer, a few of us got some great news. We have the opportunity to continue working on Crop Stop 2 in Greenville! So we're taking a week or two off as a break and its back to work. The [...]

Crop Stop in the News!

There couldn't have been better timing. Right as the semester is winding down and finals are taking place, we are reminded of all of our hard work over this semester, and it couldn't have happened on a more perfect day. Yesterday was Studio V's final presentation of the work that we have done throughout the [...]

Packed and Ready to go!

After the past few months of working on Crop Stop 2, mocking up, drawing construction documents, and designing the exterior, we are finally ready to pack up and move up to Greenville for the actual build. This is a big step for the studio; because we wont be able to get to the actual build [...]

Spring Break

After multiple preliminary red lines from our professors and others around the project, we have finally got our construction documents to level that we need to send them to the engineer. Now that they have been sent off, we will wait on the engineer to approve or deny the proposal and make the necessary changes [...]

More Redlines

After our last meeting Friday we thought we were going to have the construction documents ready to turn in by the end of class Monday, however, we needed a little more time. Once we fixed the redlines we received on Friday, we realized there is still work to be done before we turn them into [...]

Post Review

After our review Monday, we got a lot of positive feedback and also found plenty of things we need to put more work into. We've narrowed our materials down for the exterior, interior, and roof. We seem to be leaning in the direction of T1-11 plywood siding for the exterior, and PBR for the roof. [...]

Almost there!

This should be the final week for Crop Stop 1, and then its on to Crop Stop 2. After all the hard work we've put into this place over the past couple of weeks,putting up the FRP, putting in the flooring, building the cooler door, etc., we've almost made it to the finish line. All [...]

Final stretch for Crop Stop 1

After a very productive weekend working with the Solar D team, its back to work on our other project. Moving forward with Crop Stop 1, we are working on fabricating the cooler door and also putting the wood trim around all of the windows and doors. The cooler door is going to be composed of [...]

Time to Cool off.

After spending the last few days measuring and cutting the FRP panels, we discovered one slight flaw. They didn't fit. As you can probably conclude, this was not ideal... So we had to go back and trim some of the panels and dry fit them every time before actually gluing them to the wall. Which [...]