Crop Stop in the News!

There couldn’t have been better timing. Right as the semester is winding down and finals are taking place, we are reminded of all of our hard work over this semester, and it couldn’t have happened on a more perfect day. Yesterday was Studio V’s final presentation of the work that we have done throughout the semester. The students rallied again, one last time, to meet one more deadline, as we compiled a complete booklet of documentation of our work containing 130 pages. We then had an informal presentation as we just sat down with critics and discussed the work that we have done and the lessons we have learned over the semester. This, at least for me, was the most positive review that I have ever had. There was little to no negative criticism, and was more appreciation for the amount of work and effort that we put in as a studio. There were some laughs, and almost some tears as the group discussed how close we have come and what each of us took away from the CAC.C program. And as we closed out the semester for Studio V, we learned that Crop Stop 1 was featured in an article in the Charleston city paper. This was such a great thing to hear and also a great reminder to the group that all of our hard work didn’t go unnoticed!

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