I just said awesome!         Upon completing final Documentation tomorrow Studio V and our time at the CAC.C will be complete! It has been a long ride but an unforgettable experience. Not only have I learned about practicing architecture, a new construction method that I never thought possible [Sim]ply, or the process of going from thoughts to drawings to construction, but I also learned how to maintain the high level of craft and workmanship that the CAC.C and Studio V is known for. Our studio rose to the challenge through the leadership of David Pastre, and now that the semester is over I am extremely happy about the work we accomplished.

Our studio review was like no other review I have ever had or been to. It was more of a discussion and thoughtful overview of the semester and how a group of us came together to form, in the words of Dr. Crawford, a crew. A few of us from studio V will be working together over the summer to finish out cropstop 2 and began design of cropstop 3. Lots of pictures are to come of the build in Greenville. One of the biggest things i took away from this semester is seeing how intricate the process of going from drawings to construction is. From this experience my outlook has changed somewhat that I now believe everyone should experience this hands on process of going from drawings to construction.

I could not have made a better choice than the CAC.C and am truly blessed to have been part of an amazing crew and a awesome experience! And yes I just said awesome.. again.







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