Time to Cool off.

After spending the last few days measuring and cutting the FRP panels, we discovered one slight flaw. They didn’t fit. As you can probably conclude, this was not ideal… So we had to go back and trim some of the panels and dry fit them every time before actually gluing them to the wall. Which brings me to the next struggle, the gluing. It was pretty difficult to get the panels into the trim and to make sure that they fit correctly on the wall. It was a definite group effort. Once we eventually got all of the panels up in the cooler, the only thing left was to clean of the excess glue (There was a LOT). After watching the videos on youtube of the FRP getting put up we saw that clean up was as easy as some paint thinner and a cloth. This, however, was not the case. It took some quickly purchased cleaning supplies and a lot of elbow grease. Despite all these struggles, and after some team work, sweat, and a few tears we finally pulled through and finished putting up the FRP panels in the walk in cooler. Seeing the hard work pay off was gratifying, and makes me excited for the next phase of this project

.IMG_0021 IMG_0024 IMG_0025

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