Final stretch for Crop Stop 1

After a very productive weekend working with the Solar D team, its back to work on our other project. Moving forward with Crop Stop 1, we are working on fabricating the cooler door and also putting the wood trim around all of the windows and doors. The cooler door is going to be composed of a 2×4 frame and is covered with 2 inch pieces of foam and 2 pieces of ply wood on either side. On the interior wall of the cooler door a sheet of FRP will be glued, and on the outer wall there will be styles and rails added on. (You can view the exploded sketchup model and the plans in the attached photos). Also the floor panels are coming in this week. They are interlocking panels that create a seal against water and dirt and will be great for the kitchen space. We will be working on getting them placed so we can move forward with getting the appliances in, and finally getting the Crop Stop fully functional.

door cad file IMG_0099

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