Summer job!

As the semester is coming to an end and we all head back home for the summer, a few of us got some great news. We have the opportunity to continue working on Crop Stop 2 in Greenville! So we’re taking a week or two off as a break and its back to work. The one major difference is we are getting paid! The specifics still are being worked out, but it looks like we will have a team of 6-7 that will include the students in Studio V that want to be involved, some grad students that are familiar with the project, and maybe some new students looking for a summer job. The team will work 3 days a week for what we are estimating to be a 6 week process ( maybe longer). We will be constructing Crop Stop 2 from the ground up, and will work until its complete. Its an exciting opportunity and will help some students out greatly. I can’t wait to get started! (after a much needed break)

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