Time to say goodbye!

Our semester has come to an end! We are now in Clemson and ready to work for the weekend! We have finished packing all the pieces and transported them to Clemson and Greenville. We are looking forward to working all the weekend in order to have foundation laid out.  We are divided in two groups so we can work more efficiently and take advantage of our time. One group is going to Greenville while the other group is going to Clemson.  The finish touches that we have been designing and working on during the semester, now we will be able to see it happen.

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An important task we had during the deconstruction process was organizing all the pieces and putting them together according to their number and sizes. Therefore, it will be easier for the next time we want to construct it again. We have learned so much during the semester that we are excited to see all the design innovations that the crop stop will have in the future and hopefully this will help schools and farmers to have healthier food, not only around the state but also around the country. We are a very proud team of architecture students that are always looking for new opportunities to help our communities!

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