Time to say goodbye!

Our semester has come to an end! We are now in Clemson and ready to work for the weekend! We have finished packing all the pieces and transported them to Clemson and Greenville. We are looking forward to working all the weekend in order to have foundation laid out.  We are divided in two groups [...]

Mock-up Review

During the design process our main goal with this mock-up was to acquire feedback from the experts about our design. Earlier in the semester, as a team, we came up with design ideas that were innovative and cost-effective for our farm kitchen. We worked hard this weekend to put all these ideas together and built [...]

CropStop Logo

CropStop was designed to empower a small community farms to bring more local foods  into our neighborhoods and schools! This exciting project of course needed a logo, something that tells a story about the product. Therefore, Nicole, John and I went to Johns Island to paint the logo on CropStop 1. We used the projector [...]

Crop Stop 2

Friday before spring break we analyzed our digital model for crop stop 2 and looked for missing pieces on site. We created an inventory that contains pieces we already have at the shop, and made a note of the new pieces needed. During spring break we have received some redlines and feedback from the engineer, so [...]

Construction Documents

Finally we got redlines from professor Pastre. It looks like we are almost done with the construction documents. After all the feedback we have received, now we are ready to make the final changes on our documents and have them ready for approval. We have worked really hard to have the documents complete and we [...]

Time for Construction Documents

After our review on Monday we are getting ready to finish construction documents to give to our engineer. We have made a lot of research and tried to make the best design decisions to finalize the design phase of Cropstop2. We received great feedback from the experts and now we are ready to finalized our project. [...]

Finishing Touches

   This week we have been working with cropstop 1 baseboards. We have measured and cut all the pieces needed for the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, etc. We learned how to install baseboards and cut them at a 45 angle in order to meet the corners evenly without any gaps. It was a little difficult [...]

Design Process

During the past weekend we had the opportunity to collaborate with other team members from Clemson and know more about how the design process functions. The design process gives us the opportunity to develop the final product and look for areas of improvement. While we found some problems while constructing the mockup for Cropstop 2, [...]

Electric safety

We are finally done with the painting! Now we have been working with the lighting of the crop. We have learned some electrical safety instructions during the process. One of the tools we used is called Amplified electronic tester. It is also informally called electrical tester pen, test pen, or voltage detector, that rely on capacitive current [...]