Mock-up Review

During the design process our main goal with this mock-up was to acquire feedback from the experts about our design. Earlier in the semester, as a team, we came up with design ideas that were innovative and cost-effective for our farm kitchen. We worked hard this weekend to put all these ideas together and built our first mock-up, while learning during the process. This mock-up was very helpful because it allowed us to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the materials used, and our preferences according to how it looked when it was finalized. One of the things that we need to develop is the bracket design. We need to make the brackets look more sophisticated for our farm kitchen. It would be a great idea if we could apply the same concept of construction method to our brackets. Other ideas were discussed during the review, such as having a radiant barrier on the roof, flashing on the bottom where the studs meet the floor, having thinner pieces of wood for the trim, etc. All these observations were really helpful for us to continue with our project because now we have a better understanding of the aesthetics. This week our main focus will be on the brackets. We will come together as a team in order to design, sketch and discuss ideas to make smart design decisions.

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