Working with Fine and Small Homes, Crop Stop 2, and Crop Stop 1 Signage

20150408_171940 20150408_172540 20150408_172658 20150408_215251 20150408_133108 20150408_133726 20150408_134013 20150408_135659 Snapchat--3843824363627450755This week we had the opportunity to work with Fine and Small Homes, to CNC cut some of our sim-ply parts for the Crop Stop 2 mock-up. The Fine and Small Homes firm uses similar technologies to develop their parts. We were able to consult with them about their methods of production and compare the to our system. It was interesting to see how a similar method of framing was executed. Also, to some of us, this was the first time we got see how our parts were cut using CNC machines, learn about specific bits, how the CAD data is inserted into their programs, and how the machines are physically operated to precisely cut our parts. After our missing parts were cut, we went back to the shop to start assembling the rest of Crop Stop 2. As one team worked on putting up the walls, the other was working on picking paint colors for Crop Stop 2, and creating signs for Crop Stop 1. To choose a correct color for CS2, four different shades of red were picked and painted onto 2’x2′ to see the colors in different light. While the CS2 preparations are starting, we  are putting finishing touches on CS1 for the opening on Friday. We created a welcoming sign that will hang in the gap between the two spaces. The sign contains the title of the project and the date of establishment. To make the sign, we used a piece of pine long enough to span across the gap. We used the projector to transfer the fonts onto the board, ad hand painted the letters using an oil based enamel paint.

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