Learning by Doing

As was mentioned in the previous post, the most feedback we received from our mock up review was about the brackets.  We most definitely learned a tremendous amount by actually building the brackets for the mock-up, rather than looking at them on the computer or in sketches.  We have two different bracket constructions: one will be located on the front of the building to support the overhang that forms the butterfly roof, and the other will be supporting the dog trot area between the two halves of the crop stop.  Below you can see a photo of the proposed brackets which we came to realize are too heavy for the scale of our facade.  There is also a photo of the existing structure (the outdoor seating/teaching area) below which allows you to see how last semester constructed their brackets for that structure.  We drew off of their brackets since the structure is in such close relationship to the crop stop.  Since the scale of the brackets on that structure is much larger than ours, we are rethinking our approach.  We are looking at using smaller members to lighten the feel of the bracket, as well as focusing on joinery.  A reviewer brought up the fact that the SIMply construction has detailed joints, yet our brackets were lacking that detail.  Another approach is to look at how we can use less brackets on the front roof overhang and still support it.  We have begun to sketch ideas and are excited to mock up our new ideas today to learn more about them.




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