Design Process

design process

During the past weekend we had the opportunity to collaborate with other team members from Clemson and know more about how the design process functions. The design process gives us the opportunity to develop the final product and look for areas of improvement. While we found some problems while constructing the mockup for Cropstop 2, we also found some solutions and things to improve for the final product. It was very important to take notes to apply those ideas to the next project in order to avoid making the same mistakes in the process.

Another important thing to consider in the project is the financial aspect of the it. Our goal is to not go over our budget and try to be as sustainable as possible. In order to accomplish our goal we will be organized and keep a record of all money spent. It is important to keep all receipts for every product we buy. Many times after the budget has been set and the planning has begun, different design elements begin to unfold along the way. It is essential to buy only what we really need and keep learning from past projects like Cropstop 1.

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