CropStop Logo

CropStop was designed to empower a small community farms to bring more local foods  into our neighborhoods and schools! This exciting project of course needed a logo, something that tells a story about the product. Therefore, Nicole, John and I went to Johns Island to paint the logo on CropStop 1. We used the projector to have the logo reflected on the wall and used it as an outline to paint it. We needed to be very precise in order to have the right size projected on the wall. By adjusting the settings of the projector, we left 1 1/4″of space on each side, top and bottom. We used some brushes, sponges and black paint in the process. Nicole had great painting skills and she did a great job painting the logo. Even though mosquitoes were all over her face, she did not allowed them stop her! We are very excited to have our logo representing this project where we and the community members work together to bring more value to fresh and healthy food

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