Setting Records

Studio V had a very successful weekend in Greenville and Clemson, and got a lot of work accomplished. Friday morning we unloaded the half of the crop stop that we have had in Charleston in Greenville in a total of 45 minutes! With that record timing we took off for Clemson to deconstruct the other half of the crop stop that has been in Lee III. Speaking of records, comprehensive reviews we’re taking place in Lee III and I think we set a record for the most quiet deconstruction of a structure. It only took us a little over 30 min to bring that structure down but packing and loading took up the remainder of our afternoon. Since we finished those tasks faster than anticipated, a group went on to Greenville Friday night to unload this last half of the crop stop. We picked back up working on Sunday in Greenville and laid out the foundation. We measured out where the diamond piers will go for the foundation in preparation for the summer construction. We got a good idea of the footprint of the building and what kind of clearance we have to work with. It was a good thing we decided to do this step because we realized we have some adjustments to make in order for the crop stop structure and the existing porch structure to fit together as planned. Now that we discovered the issues we have an understanding of what the crew coming in for the summer will need to fix. Our last weekend in Studio V was a productive and successful one, and we hope we have left the next crew well prepared!

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