Crop Stop 2 Review

Last night was a long night leading up to our first critique of the semester.  We’ve been thinking and designing the finishing touches for the structure in Greenville, but today is the first time the professors are able to see what the class has been working on.  Some of the topics that needed resolving included the exterior and interior cladding, what types of windows and doors, a gutter system for the butterfly roof design, and the end walls that had not been designed by a previous studio.  My focus area was the end walls that housed a two foot by four foot window on one end and 6’8″ double doors on the other side.  The window brought along new challenges that had not been explored in the rest of the simply structure because it splits two studs rather than meeting a stud directly in the center of the opening.  To combat this issue I have decided to attach two pieces of plywood underneath the header and footer boards to act as jack studs.  These jack studs should distribute the weight evenly and take pressure off of the horizontal boards and flanges that will encase the rest of the rough opening.


As for the door opening I decided to continue the Simply Structure around the corners, but the gap was too big for the rough opening of the double door.  To fix this we had come up with a design that resembled the corners to make up the nine inches that were missing.  These pieces would lock together adding structure and surface area to install the door jamb at a later date.  If anyone has any ideas on how these issues can be resolved please comment and I am looking forward to them


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