A week of finishes and CropStop 2

20150209_161010 20150216_153326 20150216_153335 20150216_153345 GUtter System 20150206_162645 20150206_165625 This week, we focused on finishing work on Crop Stop 1,analyzing possible implications and improvements for Crop Stop 2. Today during our review, we were able to discusses modifications of the Simply pieces and procedures,  exterior skin treatments, interior walls, possible roof materials, gutter systems, details for the windows and doors, and finally the electrical and plumbing systems. To optimize future creation of Crop Stops, we have to continually evolve our methods to create a farm kitchen with the highest cost efficiency, and low requirements for assembly skills and knowledge. Such kitchens will be created around South Carolina, with the community in mind. The Sim-ply framing system is light weight and easy for people to assemble. The assembly process can be easily thought to community members, and allow them to be able to build future Crop Stops. As we learned from our previews built, some of the pieces were incorrectly designed and addition of holes and extensions had to added to the files. As we looked at the materials for the roof, we had to take into account possible water harvesting. This limited us to the materials that we can use or the roof. This is due to specific regulations of materials, materials effecting water components and the ph. We looked at possibly using PBR; however, as we discussed, its installation could be too difficult for an unskilled individual. For the gutter system, we looked at half round gutters, pvc gutters, and box gutters. What we realized was that we need to create a gutter that would fit at the convergence of the two roofing conditions that could potentially vary in height. As the design keeps on progressing, we need to verify our plans, sections and elevations with the already built structures.

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