The definition of redlining when it comes to a document is ” a process by which changes are identified between two versions of the same document for the purposes of document editing and review”.  There is another definition about redlining an automobile, and that is when a person drives at or above the cars maximum rpm.  Both of these definitions seem to fit today.  Studio V has been working around the clock to finish the construction documents for Cropstop 2.0 and today is the day for the final corrections before a CD is sent to an engineer for approval.  We have been working cohesively as a group and it is an awesome atmosphere to learn with the classmates and Professor Pastre this semester.  Bouncing ideas and attaining help about the actual construction of a building is an awesome way to learn and I am very excited to see how the farm kitchen in Greenville comes together after studying and completing these construction documents.  There is nothing like working hard for an extended period of time, and then seeing what you do and how it helps people.  This is what architecture is all about.

IMG_2243 IMG_2244

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