Meeting with Pella & Details for Windows

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This week we have been working on creating details for the sections of the roof, widows and doors. We were fortunate to be able to meet with Pella representative to discuss possible window options for Crop Stop 2. At Pella, we looked at different types of windows ranging from wood, fiberglass to vinyl. They offered a wide range of designs for specific uses, sizes and durability levels. Also, they had several models with different jamb extensions, which could be adjusted to fit our stud and walls. After speaking with one of the representatives, we  decided that the most optimal and cost efficient option for us would be vinyl widows with adjustable jambs. To properly fit the windows, we adjusted our working drawings. On the interior wall, we decided to add  melamine, and o the outside, zip ply and t111. These material will add up to almost 10 inches in width including the stud. The widows will be installed in the window cavities formed by the simply framing. The windows we are using are 2 feet in width; however, the actual size of the window produced would be shorter than the actual size given. This means that the window opening should be adjusted by 1/4″ on each side.  This week, we have also talked about the details for the melamine connection, and what materials should we use when it comes to overlapping layers. We still have a lot to o, but soon we will be able to move to the next phase of our design and send the files to an engineer.

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