SketchUp: Its Like a Puzzel

As the deadline for our construction documents quickly approaches for today we had to quickly make another 3D SketchUp model for the CropStop. But first let me say this- SketchUp works like a 3D puzzle. Sounds simple. Well it’s not. Our most recent experience with SketchUp was kind of like when you’re almost done with a puzzle and you have all the pieces separated and organized but then someone comes in and just mixes all of the peices up and throws them everywhere on the ground. It wasn’t easy.

We already had a 3D SketchUp model for the CropStop Kitchen made. Quickly, we realized that there wasn’t a SketchUp model for the “kitchen utility shed.” Turns out we did already have a model for the “kitchen utility shed” but it was made in the program called Rhino. We then had to take the model from the program Rhino and convert it to SketchUp. In order to do this we first had to convert the 3D Rhino to AutoCad, then we imported AutoCad into SketchUp. Once we imported AutoCad into SketchUp, we were able to use some of the part from the kitchen SketchUp including the floor assembly and some of the wall studs. The utility shed is 4 feet shorter than the kitchen, this is why we were able to use parts from kitchen. The parts we weren’t able to use from the kitchen, we had to import them from AutoCad to SketchUp and scale them. We also had to push and pull them so they would be the right thickness. We then copied the parts into our new utility shed drawing, placing them in their place like puzzle pieces completing our “CropStop Puzzle.” Now that we have finished this complicated “puzzle” we have all the construction documents that we need.

So as you can see, we definitely had some rough patches in working with SketchUp and creating our CropStop Kitchen Utility Shed Model. But with hard work, long hours, and dedication we finally finished our “CropStop Puzzle.”


The Rhino drawing of the Kitchen Utility Room Model


Differnt parts from AutoCad


The final drawing of the Kitchen Utility Room Model in SketchUp

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