Are we there yet?

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on construction documents to send to the engineer.  We’re getting our first taste of an actual document set that has to be approved before construction can start, and overall I think this is an awesome experience and opportunity that we may not have again in our schooling career.  On the other hand, I can sense some feelings of “when is this going to end” floating around the studio.  I think a major part of the equation is that spring break is one week away, and the fact that these drawings are a little over a week past our deadline.  Deadline rhymes with redline, and that is exactly what is getting done for hopefully the last time before we send a completed PDF form to an engineer for approval.  We are still working together great as a team, and the end is in sight!  Another long day in the studio reaps its benefits with another iteration of drawings done, which means drawings for the CNC machine are going to be the next step!  We will be trying finish these before spring break so they can be cut next week, this way we can be one step closer to moving the pieces to Greenville to start the next phase!


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