Preparations, Finishing Touches and Meeting with the Farmers

IMG_0581 IMG_0608 IMG_0615 IMG_0650 IMG_0669 IMG_0699 IMG_0703 IMG_0755 IMG_0782 IMG_0813 IMG_0818 IMG_0842 IMG_0859 IMG_0870This week we were preparing to meet the future user of the constructed Crop Stop 1 project. The week of preparations, we were adding finishing touches to the interior of the Crop Stop Kitchen, including completing the base board, and positioning the appliances. As handout for the people, we assembled booklets explaining the farm-to-kitchen initiative, the process of developing the design, the purpose of the project, and the basic assembly methods. These pamphlets were given to the farmers and the community remembers that came to engage in the project and further understand the initiative. We made sure the kitchen was ready for display and ready to welcome the farmers. We had a good turnout of farmers ranging in variations of crops produced, locations, and years in business. It was nice to see the farmers just staring their business as well as farmers who have been in their business for a while, all interested in the initiative and eager to use the kitchen and contribute to the local schools. The photographs in this post show the current look of the interior of the kitchen, as well as the meeting with the farmers, developers, student and faculty involved in the project.

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