Our Fearless Leader

For every great force, such as the ancient Spartans, there exists a genius and motivator such as King Leonidas. For every great nation such as the United States, there exists a leader and general such as George Washington. For every sports dynasty such as the New England Patriots there exists an unflappable coach like Bill Belichick. For every Forrest Gump there is a motivator such as Lieutenant Dan. Last, but not least however; for every great studio there exists a great professor such as David Pastre.

Four months ago eight students from different backgrounds came together in order to form Studio V. At the time, no one knew anything about “Crop Stop” or the “Sim Ply” construction method. This however, proved to be no set back for studio V. In just 1 short semester, this group was able to complete the construction of an entire Crop Stop, master the building techniques of another one, as well as complete all necessary documentation and necessities of the pre building process. It was able to do all of this, while looking to the future in order to improve the building and design of the Cropstop and SimPly methods.

The reason this group became so successful this semester, is mainly due to the unity and cohesion that we were able to develop. We have a group that was able to discover each student’s individual skills, and use those skills in order to benefit the team. Studio V merged a mixture of skills weather it be, deep construction backgrounds, strong artistic abilities, or auditory skills, into a strong unified force.  The result was an unstoppable team, with unlimited possibilities.

While our team possessed inherent skills as well as a strong work ethic; A large portion of this semester’s success can be attributed back to our Captain, Dave Pastre. Studio V’s strong work ethic combined with the leadership skills that David provided throughout the semester, made us an unstoppable team. When the group veered off track, David was there to steer us back onto the road. When we didn’t understand something, David was there to explain it to us so that we eventually would. When we worked long days, David was right there working beside us. When CAD documents went slower than anticipated, David was understanding, and worked with us to ultimately produce a perfect product. Finally, when things got stressful, David was there to lighten the mood and keep us motivated.

Studio V from the Spring of 2015 will go down as a successful group due to its combination of eager and motivated students, with a fantastic Professor. As the semester ends and we begin to head back for our final semesters in Clemson, we will take with us an extensive amount of knowledge in which we learned throughout this semester. Equally important, we will take with us all of the memories that we made while we were here. In the months and years to come, we will forget about the late nights, and project deadlines that bog us down during the semester. We will only remember the experiences and fun that we had as a part of Studio V.

I know I speak for Studio V when I say thanks Dave. You made this a fantastic experience that none of us will ever forget.

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