Clemson, here we come!


We are making sure everything in Charleston is good to go before we head to Clemson for five days to help with the Solar Decathlon build.  Before we head out of town, we are correcting the construction documents with the comments from the engineer, as well as creating cut files for the pieces that need to be modified or made to complete Crop Stop 2 framing as mentioned in the previous post.  We are hoping to have the files needed for the completion of the Crop Stop 2 framing system cut this week while we are in Clemson.  This time, we will actually be sending the cut files to Fine and Small Homes in North Charleston.  Fine and Small homes have been researching and developing a framing system much like ours on Crop Stop 2 and what is being used for the Solar Decathlon house.  You can check out their vision and projects here.  Many of their goals and ideas align with what the Solar Decathlon team is trying to do, so we now have the opportunity to let them look at  our products and give us feedback. We are even hoping to visit their facility in North Charleston when we return from Clemson.

As we complete some tasks in Charleston, we are also preparing to go to Clemson to assist in the initial framing of the Solar Decathlon house.  This is going to be a really exciting and I believe rewarding experience! We are all anxious to find out what our schedules will be like once we arrive in Clemson, and what we will be specifically working on.  I’m guessing early mornings, a lot of hard work, and some intense hours will be part of that, but it will all be worth it for the opportunity to get to be a part of this build.  You will be finding out more of what is going on in Clemson as we do (no worries, we will still be blogging in Clemson), and get excited about all that is going on because Studio V sure is!


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