No Rest for the Weary

So much for that day of rest. Studio V celebrated Easter Sunday in style by pulling another 12 hour work day. With so much to be done before this coming Friday, our time for relaxation and reflection will have to wait. We started the day staining the jamb pieces Professor Pastre had made the night before so they could be assembled this afternoon. Once they were dried, each jamb was assembled and put into place in the vertical window frames. It’s a shame these beautifully crafted pieces of the building will hardly ever be seen once the sheathing and glass are put up.





Speaking of sheathing, we have another wall up! This one went much smoother than the previous one. After adjusting the furring strips and applying the trim, we easily fit the metal into place and screwed it in. While that was happening, work continued on the ceiling boards in the dogtrot as well as applying trim boards to the rest of the exterior.



We plan to make significant strides when we show up to work Monday. The roof will finally be dry enough for us to put on, electricians will be busy installing our wiring and outlets, and the entire front façade is prepped for exterior sheathing. As the week gets shorter, the days get longer, but every bit of time is worth it to have this project in the best state possible for Friday.


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