Down To The Wire

Finalizing our plans and details is what Studio V is up to. We have been working on our construction documents for the past week and after knocking out all the necessary details Tuesday night, down to the exact measurements of the materials needed, we are about ready to start fabricating! As it has been said, mock-up models have begun and it is very exciting to see our ideas and drawings come alive and become tangible objects. Building a model in a larger scale has many positive attributes but it also points out negatives that you might not notice within a small scale drawing. Or perhaps a framing structure that you thought would be strong enough to hold up an awning or table is too weak and needs redesigning. Regardless of the obstacles and challenges that we are facing with small scale fabrication techniques, I am very excited to actually be building something and seeing thoughts I drew out on paper leap off the page. Today we are to continue testing these detail models and figuring out if it is the best it can be or if there are holes in our theories. Check back on Monday to see our results!

This is our solution to the issue of making a dual purpose drying rack for the small 1-2 person studio, but also for the large community days. There will be 3 of these found in and around the vat shack.

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