Building the Base

Wednesday was an exciting day for us here at the workshop! After the first shipment of steel came in Tuesday, we dove right into measuring out the new pieces of steel and marking up the trailer. We decided to divide and conquer and so two of us continued using angle grinders and cutting discs to [...]

Down To The Wire

Finalizing our plans and details is what Studio V is up to. We have been working on our construction documents for the past week and after knocking out all the necessary details Tuesday night, down to the exact measurements of the materials needed, we are about ready to start fabricating! As it has been said, [...]

Presentation Day

Today is the day, presentation day that is! After several weeks of researching and numerous design schemes, we have finally completed our design and are ready to present it to the indigo artists and the directors from Enough Pie. For this presentation, we pulled out all the stops and have everything needed to make sure our [...]


Today we will meet with our clients once again to narrow down the design options and to refine the work that we have put together over the last two weeks. Late night Sundays are what undergrad architecture school is all about. We went several hours into early Monday morning putting the final pieces in place on [...]

And Then There Were Three

On Wednesday we were divided into three groups based on our individual designs and their strengths and weaknesses. The groups were broken up with different goals in mind, including how the vat shack can open, the available circulation spaces and using that to create a certain flow through the shack, mechanical and geometrical features specific [...]

Refine the Design

Yesterday, Studio V continued its study of independent designs for its semester project, the Indigo Vat Shack. We took the weekend and further developed our simplistic initial ideas and began to limit what all would be included in our plans and what could be omitted. By refining the design, we were able to go deeper and discuss [...]


Yesterday afternoon our studio had the chance to meet with a handful of talented, local indigo artists who taught us about the indigo dyeing process, some ancient techniques that were used, and how they typically use indigo in their everyday work. We also had a couple directors from the non-profit organization, Enough Pie, sit in [...]