And Then There Were Three

On Wednesday we were divided into three groups based on our individual designs and their strengths and weaknesses. The groups were broken up with different goals in mind, including how the vat shack can open, the available circulation spaces and using that to create a certain flow through the shack, mechanical and geometrical features specific to each persons design, etc. As of now, the three teams are organized with one group focusing on opening up one to two complete sides and making those walls drop down to become stages that the audience can walk on the that the artists can work on from multiple angels of the vat. This design group is also focusing on keeping everything contained to inside/ on-top-of the vat shack foundation. The second group is tasked with creating a structure that balances the two ideas of interior and exterior work space and including the audience in the dyeing process. By using ramps and stairs to enter and exit the structure, this design allows the spectators to be more involved in the experience the shack has to offer. The third group’s main focus is moving everything out of the shack and making the dyeing process visible to everyone from outside the shack. The biggest hurdle for this group is getting the 500 lbs indigo vats out of the structure and down to ground level so that work can be done from outside. Things are moving along and the ideas are flowing! Stay tuned within the next few days for the results!

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