Presentation Day

Snapchat-2787766335837641576Today is the day, presentation day that is! After several weeks of researching and numerous design schemes, we have finally completed our design and are ready to present it to the indigo artists and the directors from Enough Pie. For this presentation, we pulled out all the stops and have everything needed to make sure our idea is conveyed clearly and is simple to understand how it is to be operated. We’ve got digital models, orthographic projections, wall and detail sections, as well as site and solar orientation analyses. Coming together as a single group has improved our abilities in design and in communicating our ideas as a single unit. Being able to collaborate as one has allowed us the chance to bounce ideas around and get multiple vantage points and opinions, thereby filtering out the lower quality options and delivering the best of a refined list of choices. I think I can speak for my entire studio in saying that we are ready to be done with designing and are eagerly anticipating the build aspect of this studio. Stay tuned to see our final plans after we present them this afternoon!Snapchat-7946988525465673622

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