Yesterday afternoon our studio had the chance to meet with a handful of talented, local indigo artists who taught us about the indigo dyeing process, some ancient techniques that were used, and how they typically use indigo in their everyday work. We also had a couple directors from the non-profit organization, Enough Pie, sit in and join us and the local artists in the conversation of where we can take this semester’s project of building aIMG_5669 mobile vat shack for the artists to do their work in and showcase it to the community. After all the discussions had ended, Studio V had a rounded out idea of what exactly the artists would need to create their beautiful indigo pieces and how we could best help facilitate their wants for the structure. Within the next few days we will conclude the research stage of our process and move directly into the initial design phase where we will have seven individual designs, which will then be reduced down to two or three finalist, and in the end we will have a well-developed outline of our final design by mid-February that the entire team will have helped cultivate in the coming weeks. Keep checking here for more updates over the next few days, until next time…!

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