Preparation for Meeting the Artists

Today we are meeting the indigo artists to learn more about the indigo dyeing process and how the indigo artists work with it personally.

This is an important part of the research phase because the information will be used to design a space specific to the needs of the artists and the people learning about the process. In order to be ready for the interview, our studio has come up with a list of questions for the artists that have arisen during the research phase.

1928f0e0ddfb202f2a8ccdd93f36f996While researching indigo dyeing, we have discovered that there are many different species of indigo used, cultures involved, and ways of making and using the dye. We want to know how these artists do it, so we are going to ask them about the materials they use, the amount of space they work in, what they plan on dyeing and the size of it, and other questions about the process and themselves.

We’ll let you know how it goes and what we find out, next time!

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