Rafters Are Up

The Vat Shack is beginning to look like a shack, of sorts. After a week of visually "slow" progress, we've started installing the roof. We're putting in the rafters by bolting them to the posts and nailing them to the ridge beam. We're having difficulties running the bolts through the posts, but we're getting it done. [...]

Almost Done with Steel Framing

After classes yesterday, we met up at the shop to work on the project. Yesterday we put in the two ridge beam posts and started putting in the ties that connect the two ridge beam posts to the rest of the framing at the top of the structure. It involved a lot of checking and [...]

Supplies Are Coming In

It's an exciting time at the shop. Pastre has been talking to companies about donating materials for the project, and they are coming in now. We've gotten some steel tube, steel angle, and the steel grate. These supplies will be used for the floor foundation and the flooring. We're using steel tube for the sleepers that [...]

Beginning Detail Mock-Ups

Our new home, the workshop. Yesterday in studio, we talked about the details we worked on the night before. We sat down with Professor Pastre and discussed what was working and what needed to be changed. Through talking it out with Professor Pastre, we were able to find potential complications with our designs, but at [...]

Tough Turnaround

Today and tonight we'll be working hard to get our presentation ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the final client review before construction. We've been working hard figuring out joints and the layers of our project, to meet the client's needs brought up in the last review last week. We've been working on a site plan [...]

Field Trip!

Today we're taking a field trip to Savannah, Georgia. However, it's not for the Vat Shack project. It's for Jim Thomas's History of Place class. The field trip will take all day so our studio class for today is cancelled. I think we are all excited about this trip and are looking forward to exploring the [...]

Last Night

Last night the first lecture of this semester's lecture series took place. It was held at Charleston's Visitor's Center in downtown Charleston. The speaker was Wendell Burnette, an Arizona based architect. An interesting piece of information about him is that he never had formal academic training, but trained under Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin East and [...]

Narrowing It Down

After meeting Friday for studio and having desk critiques, we've been charged to continue our independent designs over the weekend. While continuing taking in precedents and thinking in terms of work areas and not objects, we need to start narrowing down our independent ideas. Also, we need to think in terms of possible plan configurations [...]

Preparation for Meeting the Artists

Today we are meeting the indigo artists to learn more about the indigo dyeing process and how the indigo artists work with it personally. This is an important part of the research phase because the information will be used to design a space specific to the needs of the artists and the people learning about [...]