Rafters Are Up

The Vat Shack is beginning to look like a shack, of sorts. After a week of visually “slow” progress, we’ve started installing the roof. We’re putting in the rafters by bolting them to the posts and nailing them to the ridge beam. We’re having difficulties running the bolts through the posts, but we’re getting it done. There are a lot of different things going on. We’re still preparing the donated wood for the exterior siding, we’re almost done preparing the corrugated steel for the awnings, we’re priming everything that’s done with welding or cutting, and we’re working on the awning armatures. We need to finish making and welding the pieces for the armatures, but they’re turning out great. The Charleston Magazine is coming Thursday so we have a good amount of time to make the project appear more shack-like for the article. Thank you for your support!


The awning armatures are rolling!

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