Each Passing Day

With each passing day we continue to gain momentum on the Vat Shack. There is welding that keeps going on, and angle grinding that is still happening everyday.Every day we have at least one part of the Shack that gets finished and put on the trailer. Little by little the Vat Shack progressively is getting closer and closer to be completed.

Yesterday, we were able to get half of the louvers completed through a lon

FullSizeRender (24)
The Louver Going Up

g process of measuring, cutting, checking to see if it fit, then more cutting and measuring about four times when it was not correct. Finally we found the perfect fit and were able to use that first louver we cut to measure the other two so they were all the same size. Today we get to go through that process again to make sure the louvers on the opposite wall fit perfectly.

Simultaneously, the siding for our awnings were getting cleaned and bent into the correct shape. Also, angles were being plasma cut while the louvers were being measured and cut. Yesterday was an extremely productive day, and today will be as well, as we keep getting closer to the finished product.

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