Each Passing Day

With each passing day we continue to gain momentum on the Vat Shack. There is welding that keeps going on, and angle grinding that is still happening everyday.Every day we have at least one part of the Shack that gets finished and put on the trailer. Little by little the Vat Shack progressively is getting [...]

Rolling with the Punches

As we move along through this process of building the Indigo Vat Shack we are starting to realize just how far we have come since the beginning stages of designing three months ago. Suddenly, this structure we have been designing is starting to take shape and we are a little over two weeks from the [...]

Just Your Average Trailer Breakdown

As mentioned in the last post because of the rain we were unable to work on the metal framing of the trailer, however, today was extremely productive. We cut through the sides of the trailer with the portable bandsaw, as you can see in the featured image when clicking on the blog. Also, being done [...]


Yesterday, Enough Pie visited us at the wood shop to see how the construction documents were coming. In addition to the construction documents, we also presented the mock ups of the trailer details we had shown. Our papers are now completely covered in red, and we will be working to fix them for Friday when Kevan Hoertdoerfer stops [...]

Hammering and Helpful Advice

Yesterday was the beginning of our work on the physical Indigo Vat Shack. Studio will now take place at the wood shop rather than the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston in order to have our trailer nearby while we finish work on the details of the shack and begin the long task of construction documents. [...]

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”

As mentioned in the last couple of posts we, as a studio, are still narrowing the final idea down and refining the details. The featured image for this article is an example of how we are trying to redesign based on the feedback during the last client review. At this stage, we are trying to [...]

Preparations Abound

It is currently one in the morning and Studio V is preparing for our academic review with Professors Pastre and Huff. The concentration on the faces here at the CAC.C are pretty laughable at the moment, but that could just be my lack of sleep seeping out. We have the beginnings of models, CAD and Rhino [...]

First Client Review

We had our first of three client design reviews today, and it looks like a great start to furthering our designs. Enough Pie and Kevan Hoertdoerfer joined us to provide excellent feedback on how to improve our designs for the next step in the design process. We began by pinning up our boards, and all seven of us told [...]

The Design Possibilities are Endless

The studio is on it way to being filled with plenty of designs and inspiration for the Indigo Vat Shack. The walls are no longer just white as we pinned up for the desk crit with Professor Pastre yesterday. The individual design process will continue as we keep pouring out as many ideas as possible [...]

All Things Indigo

I'm here to introduce to you the...Indigo Vat Shack! Inspired by South Carolina's historic production of indigo, which was once upon a time one of our great state's biggest exports, artists in Charleston have taken to creating art with this lovely bluish-purple plant. Here at the CAC.C, Studio V had a busy start this semester [...]