Just Your Average Trailer Breakdown

As mentioned in the last post because of the rain we were unable to work on the metal framing of the trailer, however, today was extremely productive. We cut through the sides of the trailer with the portable bandsaw, as you can see in the featured image when clicking on the blog. Also, being done was angle grinding on the pieces that need to be welded on to the trailer. We have been using all the tools that we were taught to use last week in preparation for what needed to be done this past weekend. Right at this moment Antonio and Scurry are practicing their welding by welding the middle support to the trailer.

Antonio Working the Portable Bandsaw

Simultaneously, we were finishing up a hardware count for the donated materials that we need. We also used the plasma cutter to help cut the pieces that were already welded on, so as you can tell there are a lot of things going on at one time here at the CAC.C shop. There is an incredible amount of work that still needs to be done and we are working our hardest to make sure we get it all done.


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