Welding: The Craft

After a somewhat frustrating few wIMG_4246-3eeks, Studio V is ready to release some steam. In order to do this, we’re going to weld! For a group of 7 undergraduate architecture students, construction is a mystery. Because of this, the last few weeks of working on construction documents have been extremely frustrating. We are all pretty inexperienced when it comes to getting this detailed in a project, as well as working in a group this large. It has led to many late nights, hard work and disappointment. Yet we are pushing through it!

Now that we’re in the swing of things, we are all eager to build and learn! The first step in this process is learning to weld. As the last few blogs have discussed, we’ve been practicing our welding and metal cutting the last few days. We started by cutting the rails of the trailer and welding one down the center. We’re looking forward to welding the sleepers (metal tubes that span across the trailer) tomorrow. So far welding has been a challenge, but something we are all just getting use to!


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