Supplies Are Coming In

It’s an exciting time at the shop. Pastre has been talking to companies about donating materials for the project, and they are coming in now. We’ve gotten some steel tube, steel angle, and the steel grate. These supplies will be used for the floor foundation and the flooring. We’re using steel tube for the sleepers that will span the trailer, creating a platform to build off of. The steel angle will be used as joists between the sleepers to support the flooring. The steel grate will be on top of this foundation system and it’ll act as our flooring. The sleepers will be welded to the trailer, the joists will be welded between the sleepers, and the grate will be welded to the sleepers and joists. We went with the grate because of indigo dyeing being a wet and possibly messy process. With the grate, liquid will be able to pass through the floor, preventing liquid buildup, material degradation, and providing a safer space. It’s exciting seeing resources coming together, construction starting, and everyone contributing to this effort. Tomorrow we start everything that was just described. How exciting is that? To design something, and then be able to go through the process of realizing it. We can’t wait to get back to work tomorrow. Wish us luck!


The great steel grate.

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