Light at the End of the Tunnel

After working all weekend, we have made a lot of headway on the Vat Shack. Rafters are now up in place and are getting screwed in. The wood paneling for the siding has been cut. We have been making a lot of progress by spending 12 hours a day working! The walls have also been [...]

Finalizing Everything

Only 2 weeks left and there is A LOT left to to do on the vat shack. Now that framing is up, the roof will start going up in the next couple days. After that we will be able to put in the walls.  The next two weeks will be sleep, eat, vat shack, repeat [...]

Welding: The Craft

After a somewhat frustrating few weeks, Studio V is ready to release some steam. In order to do this, we're going to weld! For a group of 7 undergraduate architecture students, construction is a mystery. Because of this, the last few weeks of working on construction documents have been extremely frustrating. We are all pretty [...]

Finishing Up!

After a great conversation with Kathryn and Rachel from Enough Pie on Wednesday, Studio V is moving forward in our Construction Documents. There were a couple changes to be made in the "Modular System” but so far everything is progressing nicely. Today we will meet with Kevan and show him our construction documents and discuss [...]

Details, Details, Details!

Tonight's a late night for the dedicated members of Studio V. After a fun night of demolition last night, tonight we're working together in studio to hammer out our details. We started with a list of things that need to be figured out. As we go through the list, we discuss the materials and details, [...]

Executing The Details

As a 7 member team, we are all hands on deck as we finalize the Indigo Vat Shack designs. After much hard work and collaboration, we have finished up the layout of the Vat Shack. Our main design concept is a system of layers. This concept will help inform us in figuring out the details, such [...]

SIMPLIFYING the possibilities

After an enlightening academic review with our professor David Pastre and Studio U's professor Ray Huff, each of the 3 groups will move forward in perfecting their designs. Each of the 3 designs offer a unique experience as well as different solutions to the issues the Indigo Vat Shack faces. The biggest critique in our [...]

The Turn Around

After an inspiring and motivating review yesterday, it's time to re-evalute our designs and re-think our Vat Shacks to better fit its needs. By doing that we will begin working in groups of 2 or 3 to really enhance our strengths and learn from one another. Enough Pie was very helpful in communicating their needs [...]

Unfolding Our Ideas

Right now in the designing of the Indigo Vat Shack, we are all working hard to create as many ideas as possible. We are sketching and researching ways the shack can expand, collapse, open and unfold. Though many of the ideas we may come up with are implausible  for our type of project, they can [...]

Phase 1: Research

As we begin the process of designing the Indigo Vat Shack, we have all started researching various information. Some of us are researching Indigo's history and how it found its way to the soil of South Carolina. Some are researching the art process involved in processing and using Indigo as a dye. Many of our [...]