SIMPLIFYING the possibilities

After an enlightening academic review with our professor David Pastre and Studio U’s professor Ray Huff, each of the 3 groups will move forward in perfecting their designs. Each of the 3 designs offer a unique experience as well as different solutions to the issues the Indigo Vat Shack faces.


The biggest critique in our review today was to SIMPLIFY. Because of our lack of knowledge in construction and building, our studio has been struggling on how to make big ideas and concepts become simple and realistic possibilities. For most of us, this is the first project that will actually get built, which means we have to consider the structure, the budget, and the feasibility of ideas more than we ever have before.

I look forward to meeting with Enough Pie and the artists Monday to hear their critiques and opinions on our designs. After which we will narrow our 3 designs into 1.

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