Finalizing Everything

Only 2 weeks left and there is A LOT left to to do on the vat shack. Now that framing is up, the roof will start going up in the next couple days. After that we will be able to put in the walls.  The next two weeks will be sleep, eat, vat shack, repeat (with maybe a little fun thrown in there). It is so great to see all the hard work come to shape. I’m excited to start painting and designing the finished look of the VAT SHACK.


Though we’re getting down to the fun stuff, we are still working between drawings and hands on building. Some things are easier to figure out by building and some are easier to figure out by drawing. There has to be a balance. In these next 14 DAYs, we are excited to continue working, working and working to get this thing done. We are all learning new and useful skills everyday, and we’re (finally) having some fun!




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