Rolling with the Punches

As we move along through this process of building the Indigo Vat Shack we are starting to realize just how far we have come since the beginning stages of designing three months ago. Suddenly, this structure we have been designing is starting to take shape and we are a little over two weeks from the deadline to finish. While we still have an incredibly long way to finish before the deadline, but it is gratifying to see how far we have come.

photoshop pallet
Color Pallet Idea for the Vat Shack

Due to all the changes we have had to make the past couple of days with the removal of the addition over the trailer hitch we are having to go back into the construction documents and make some changes. That is how it goes though, you have to roll with the punches. We are also starting to develop the color pallet that is going to be put on the Vat Shack, to the right is one of the early possibilities that we have be tossing around.

Many things are taking place at once, and it is going to keep getting more chaotic leading up to the final.

T-16 Days Until the Final

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