Things are starting to come along on the Vat Shack as the framing has begun to take shape. As stated in the previous post we are measuring 3 times before we cut because this is a precise process. With the majority of the framing up we can start measuring, cutting and welding the steel grate for the flooring to the trailer. We were also met with a little hiccup yesterday while building as we had to grind off and re-weld an uneven steel member to get it right. This was a great lesson for us as we navigate our way through our first design build process. Professor Pastre told us that as we go along on the build we’ll be able to look and tell these kinds of things quickly.


Even though we’re in the building phase the construction documents aren’t a thing in the past, we still have some things to work out to understand how the front and back of the shack will open. Over the weekend we also made a design change to not extend the shack across the hitch, so we had to modify the construction documents to reflect that. With that modification we also have to reconfigure the inside a little to accommodate those changes. Every day we learn something new from Professor Pastre as he guides us along the construction phase and become more knowledgeable about the design build process. Can’t wait to get back to work on the shack!

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