Teamwork and Support

We have acquired a significant amount of our materials and the metal work process is going well. As a class we are efficiently taking turns welding, cutting, and grinding metal down to create our structural system. We have a system that is working to great affect. We have put down our sleepers which are horizontal members that help extend our overall width of the trailer. From there we will add the vertical posts that will create the frame. This is a very precise process, we must measure 3 times before cutting once.

This is a very exciting portion of the project, be able to physically construct a structure for the first time (for some of us) in our undergraduate career. We are learning a plethora of techniques and information from our knowledgeable professor, Dave Pastre. We all appreciate this opportunity to learn and receive real-world experience. Stay tuned as we progress every day to raise this Vat Shack up from the ground!



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