Long Days, Longer Nights. . .

Everything is coming together and Studio V is looking forward to making progress this weekend. Walls are coming up, the exterior skin is being completed (awnings with tin), and our wood paneling is looking great! Every now and then there is this incredible moment where we complete something as a team, and we are just [...]

Wood You Attach the Rafters?

The structure may be done for our Vat Shack 2016, but we have plenty to accomplish by the end of the semester. We will be working hard, nonstop, to finish up all the small details that provide our structure with character and an identity. The plywood siding will soon be ready for installment but first [...]

Teamwork and Support

We have acquired a significant amount of our materials and the metal work process is going well. As a class we are efficiently taking turns welding, cutting, and grinding metal down to create our structural system. We have a system that is working to great affect. We have put down our sleepers which are horizontal [...]

Welding Practice

After receiving our welding lesson yesterday, we have to practice before acquiring the materials for our Vat Shack. We will practice cleaning the steel with a wire brush head, grinding down chamfers, and welding pieces together. This is a pretty straight forward process that requires practice to master. Our first task is to attach the [...]

Never board in the woodshop

As time ticks down to our construction deadline, we vigorously work to finish digitally designing all the details of the Indigo Vat Shack. We are also converting these details into legitimate construction documents that will aid us in the construction phases after spring break. Construction documents can be very detailed and complex, containing a plethora [...]

Structured Criticism

After our pin up with the incredible ladies of Enough Pie, we gathered as students to accumulate all our information and filter through it. Our single design received a large amount of positive feedback. We were extremely pleased to hear that the non-profit organization, Enough Pie, and the artists enjoyed our final design. We are [...]


The day after our group pin up with our clients we met as a group of 7. This was a very important time for our team. During the pin up, we (the students, Dave Paste, Enough Pie, and the artists) filtered the 3 groups ideas down into a basic, generic plan that we could later [...]


As a studio we are split into 3 groups, attempting to filter our ideas, compromise, and develop a design that satisfies everything our clients requested. It has been a week since our individual pin-ups and we are still siphoning information provided as feedback. We import this into our current design phase. It can be difficult [...]

Countdown to Individual Pin-Up

As we countdown to our review this Monday, February 1st, we have to narrow down our ideas, utilizing precedents. By class tomorrow we should be focused in on a single idea or torn between two, well thought out ideas. We must start implementing our structural plans to our concepts now. Each of our individual designs must [...]

So It Begins….

Studio V has been working hard, researching all aspects of our Mobile Vat Shack. This has been a short, yet important and necessary stage of the project. Before the design stage, one must fully understand all features of what you will be dealing with. As a group we have separated  all of our information into [...]