Long Days, Longer Nights. . .

Everything is coming together and Studio V is looking forward to making progress this weekend. Walls are coming up, the exterior skin is being completed (awnings with tin), and our wood paneling is looking great! Every now and then there is this incredible moment where we complete something as a team, and we are just blown away. We all pause what we are doing and take a moment to view the beauty of what we have just created. We take pictures, we encourage each other, give high-fives, chest bumps, fist pounds, etc.. Teamwork has been paying off. For the next few days we will be working 15-18 hour days attempting to finish the product. This entire project has had a huge learning curve, at this point we are becoming more efficient, speeding up the process a bit. We have until Wednesday and are all very excited so see the finished work of architecture we have been so invested in all semester. Studio V has some large parts to accomplish including the ramp, stair/landing, and attaching some interior parts but we maintain an optimistic outlook. For the last time,


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