Introduction to Redux


The first day of studio after all of the orientation, our group of three Landscape Architect students and five Architect students set off to the current location of Redux, an art center based in the heart of Charleston.  “Redux Contemporary Art Center is a nonprofit organization committed to fostering creativity and the cultivation of contemporary art through diverse exhibitions, subsidized studio space for visual artists, meaningful education programs, and a multidisciplinary approach to the dialogue between artists and their audiences.”

Upon arrival we met the Executive Director and Operations Manager Stacy Huggins and Greg Colleton, they gave us a tour of their existing space and their overall view of what their current space is and what it will continue to be at their new and larger location.  We started to get an idea of the type of space we were working with when we saw the current studio spaces for different types of art.  After a brief tour we settled in their main exhibition area where we looked at plan drawings of the new location and began to discuss ideas of routes our studio should take to meet their needs.


As a studio we are very excited to dig in and learn more about this building and dig deeper into these ideas and take Redux’s vision of creativity and innovation into the design of our project.

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