So It Begins….

Studio V has been working hard, researching all aspects of our Mobile Vat Shack. This has been a short, yet important and necessary stage of the project. Before the design stage, one must fully understand all features of what you will be dealing with. As a group we have separated  all of our information into categories. These categories include Department of Transportation, trailers, client requests, water collection, solar power, flooring, ventilation, storage and materials, lighting, history and process. Some of these categories broke down into sub-categories as well. We have finished the research stage as of today, 1/17/16. The design stage begins today! First, we will begin with sketching different types of diagrams. Each student (7 of us) will design our own version of the Mobile Vat Shack. At first our designs will be basic and simplistic, but as the semester goes on we will narrow down to one design, combining the strengths of each individual design. Our studio will not be this clean for a very long time. Until next time, Debs signing off. You stay classy, Charleston.


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